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About the School

Started in 2006, Bliss International Public School aims to educate children, show them the path to success and spread happiness. An English medium co-educational school, Bliss is affiliated with the UP government and has grown exponentially ever since its doors were opened to tiny tots in 2006.

We believe that each child is different and needs special attention to realise his/her dreams, discover his/her calibre and interests, and excel in life. Moving forward with this belief, we provide equal opportunities to each one of the children, thus spreading harmony among them. We provide an environment that fosters excellence among the children at a young age. This is enabled by a spacious building, vivacious classrooms full of vibrant and colourful activities that help the children learn new things in a playful manner and a playground with greenery all around.

Our school campus has a fully-equipped computer lab, projectors, 21 CCTV cameras, and hi-tech mic and speaker system, ensuring that we are in sync with new-age technology-enabled learning and always ahead of times.

We believe in imparting education from highly qualified staff and focus equally on extra-curricular activities, such as a Casio equipped music classroom, to enable the overall development of the child. Accordingly, we regularly organize school functions to provide a platform for the children to showcase their talents such as singing, dancing, creativity, leadership, teamwork, etc. by giving them responsibilities of the events. Special ABACUS classes to train children in quicker calculations and problem-solving abilities allow them to fall in love with numbers in a fun way. Children also enhance their skills by taking on-campus TAEKWONDO classes and participating in a plethora of sports activities on offer.

Let’s hold hands and come together to build a happier place for the bright future of the country!

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