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Shapes Sorter

In this activity we provide the children with a shape sorter cube – with different compartments to put each shape into and help them in cognitive development.

With this simple toy your child can :

  1. Match the shapes to the correct hole.
  2. Develop understanding and differentiation between different types of shapes.
  3. Enhance vocabulary knowledge by learning the names of the shapes.
  4. Balancing hand-eye coordination.
  5. Develop fine motor and problem solving skills.

Number Cup Matching

The kids are given a number board with numbers written in jumbled order and they have to match the number cup with the right number on the board.

It helps the children in developing:

  1. Number recognition skill.
  2. Matching skill.
  3. Puzzle solving skill.
  4. Balancing hand-eye coordination.
  5. Develop fine motor and problem solving skills.

Shoe Lace Maze

Simple routine activities like tying shoelaces are a must for kids. Meanwhile, senior children are taught to put the laces in a shoe – which is a daunting task for many elderlies too!

Kids learn:

  1. To follow directions as instructed by the teacher.
  2. To sort problems step by step.
  3. Hand- eye coordination.
  4. Develop bilateral coordination skill.
  5. Stable visual perception.
  6. Develop tactile perception.


A popular playground game in which players toss a small object into numbered pattern of rectangles outlined on the ground and then hop through the spaces to retrieve the object.

This activity helps the children to:

  1. Develop body control.
  2. Build body balance.
  3. Set hand-eye coordination.
  4. Move their body in right direction.
  5. Build body strength.

Modes of Transport

Kids at Bliss learn to recognise the modes of transport by placing the toy vehicles in the right place - road, air and water – on a colourful board made for the purpose.

With this activity your child can:-

  1. Identify different modes of transport.
  2. Learn about the uses of different types of vehicles.
  3. Promote confidence with team work.

Flower pot Popsicle Puzzle

In this activity, a flower’s name is jumbled and its letters written on different Popsicle sticks. The kids have to moist the soil in the flower pot and arrange the sticks in the pot to make the correct spelling of the flower.

This helps the kids to :

  1. Learn spellings of flowers.
  2. Enhance their motor skills.
  3. Enhance their cognitive skills.
  4. Increase the ability of identifying the right word out of jumbled letters

The Time Teller

It is crucial for the kids to learn how to read a clock, because ‘Time and Tide waits for none!’

By this interesting activity your kids will be able to :

  1. Read a clock.
  2. Learn about the second, minutes and hours.
  3. Learn the meaning of expression such as half past, quarter past and others.
  4. Know about two types of clocks: Analog and Digital.

The Magic Rope

In this activity, numbers are arranged on a vertical board and the students have to move the rope from one number to the other in the correct order.

A child learns to:

  1. Develop self-confidence.
  2. Balance hand-eye coordination.
  3. Improve cognitive skills.

Abacus Classes

Abacus is an innovative way to perform calculations mentally and thus expedite problem-solving capabilities of children in Mathematics. Mental Arithmetic refers to an ability to deal with calculations mentally and has taken a front seat at a time when competitive exams require applicants to be quick at their problem-solving skills. Conventional school maths has its own priorities, but it limits the mental maths skills as the children happen to get restricted to books.

At Bliss, we teach beyond books and prepare our kids for the future. And hence, our compulsory Abacus classes for students from Class UKG to VIII have become a game-changer for the children. Abacus classes, which are available outside the school set up at high prices, our available in our school campus at only Rs 50 per month. Apart from the Rs 50 per month fee, only a one-time fee of Rs 800 is charged from the students to provide them with their Abacus tools and books.

The number magic that Abacus brings along not only acts as supplementary knowledge for the children, but also makes them love Mathematics even more!

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