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Guidelines for Parents

  1. Admission of your ward to the school is not the end of your responsibility for him/her.
  2. Your ward is at the school for nearly six hours on six days of the week. You will have to take utmost care of him/her during the remaining hours to ensure holistic development of the child.
  3. You should closely watch that your ward attends school daily, studies at least for three hours at home daily and has a good company.
  4. Avoid giving him/her too much pocket money.
  5. Do not detain your ward at home for petty reasons. A school day is lost forever.
  6. Send all your requests, complaints and suggestions to the Principal or put them anonymously at the ‘Feedback Box’ in the campus.
  7. Ensure that your ward keeps all the books, copies, pencils, pens, etc in his/her bag and does his/her homework daily.
  8. Success of your ward in the examination depends upon the combined efforts of the parents and the teachers.
  9. Your ward's name will be struck off from the school register if he/she remains absent from school continuously for six days, in the absence of proper application.
  10. After the final bell of the school, the conduct and safety of your ward outside the school premises will be your responsibility.
  11. You should check your ward's school diary and follow the instructions accordingly.
  12. Your co-operation is compulsory for all-round development of your ward.
  13. Healthy and positive suggestions will always be welcomed with great pleasure.
  14. Please ensure that the fee is paid timely as per the rules of school.
  15. The school uniform is to be worn by students on all school days and at all school functions.
  16. You may talk to the class teachers in a free period or during the recess-if need be.
  17. The Principal has the right to admit or reject the admission of a student at his/her own discretion.
  18. All the students are required to follow the rules and regulations of the school.

Guidelines for Students

  1. Discipline bears the same importance as education, and hence all the students should follow the laid guidelines at all times.
  2. The time table will be notified at all time of commencement of the academic year, and the students should ensure to bring notebooks according to it.
  3. Student must attend the school only in the prescribed uniform. If any student is found in an improper uniform, he/she may be excluded from the class and sent back to his/her home.
  4. Indiscipline, indifference to studies, irregularity and misconduct - even outside the school premises - are valid reasons for a student's rustication.
  5. Student must reach the school in time, unless they have a valid reason for being late, or he/she may be sent back to his/her home.
  6. Take proper care of school property. Do not break any furniture. Do not write or scratch on the desk, chair, wall, glass, blackboard etc.
  7. The school is authorized to take any reasonable action against a student if the rules and regulations of the school are violated by him/her.
  8. Students themselves bear the responsibility for their articles and belongings.

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